This package provides an simple interface of standard ROS-functionalities for the programming language R. We hope that it might be useful to make the R capabilities for statistical analyses and visualization also usable for the robotic community. In contrast to other language implementations, such as rospy, rosjava, etc. this is not a pure R implementation, it is a mixture of pure R, SWIG generated functions, and system commands. It can be used to define and use typical ROS publishers and subscribers in R, messages are automatically and online generated from the definition files, and it integrates the possibility to read and therefore analyse bag-files in R.

Download, Installation, and Tutorial

This project is freely available under BSD-License and can be downloaded under the following link:

Follow the instructions and read tutorial.


We added some simple examples, as shown in the screenshot below, to emphasize the benefits of using ROS and R together. The measurement-noise of an infrared distance sensor was previously recorded and serves afterwards as fingerprint for an undisturbed sensor signal. As we described and evaluated in the publication below, external disturbances (like sunlight) can affect an therefore change a sensor measurement, but it also changes the sensors typical measurement noise variances and density. This can be easily detected by applying statistical tests like the Fligner-test, comparing the undisturbed fingerprint sample with the running measurements.


André Dietrich, Sebastian Zug, Jörg Kaiser: "Detecting External Measurement Disturbances Based on Statistical Analysis for Smart Sensors", Procedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE), Seite(n): 2067-2072, Bari, Italy.


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