There are only 3 Programming Paradigms!!!

If we think of programming as a general concept for expressing problems in terms of an Input/Output system and by what is given, then three general paradigms can be differentiated. Interestingly these “paradigms” seem to directly match the three different concepts of philosophical reasoning. 1. Imperative Programming & Deduction This first (and mostly applied) paradigm…


Converting an IPython Notebook to PDF

This is just a simple workaround that I found after hours of trying to convert an ipython notebook into a pdf, which also contains all markdown images and scales them acordingly. Well, the solution to this was acutally quite simple. Do not try to make use of the web interface, do not convert it to…

C & C++

Birds Eye View / Homography using OpenCV

When I looked for a small example for a homography transformation using OpenCV in order to provide a birds eye projection of an image. I did not find an appropriate ones, hence, I combined a number of motivating introductions and code fragments in an illustrative small program. It can be adapted for your actual purpose…