December 2012


Matlab – 3D bars arrays without empty elements

bar3 is an useful command to illustrate multi-dimensional distributions. If the colors of the beams represent its value, the diagram gives a good overview. But the code examples given in the Matlab help work just fine for matrices without “0” elements. The following figure shows a bar3 diagram that includes values from 0 to 7….

C & C++

Extending ARToolKit’s video buffer size

Are you wondering why the ARToolKit or its ROS implementation (ccny_visionon) cannot deal with all resolutions, provided by your camera? The simple reason for this is that the values for the video buffers are fixed and have to be changed by hand … Simply edit file “/lib/SRC/AR/arLabeling.c” and change the values in lines 38 (HARDCODED_BUFFER_WIDTH)…